Island Time

Marshmallow Roasting Anyone?

Creating a beach bonfire is a fabulous way to spend a island evening with friends, or for a romantic night for two.  Sometime you need to just unwind after a long sunny day and laugh and chat around a fire like the boy and girl scout days….tell ghost stories, jokes, play games, roast marshmallows….. the sky is the limit.

I  often have bonfires with my friends and we find it really fun and its a great opportunity to catch up with each other, and it is a nice casual environment that you can invite new people to come and hang out.  Just ensure that you chose a beach you can actually have a bonfire on, get any government required licences (you can probably call a Parks Department to inquire), pick a spot away from trees, and bring clean burning fire wood (i.e.- wood with no paint, varnish or chemicals on it).  Make sure someone is watching the fire at all times and ensure you clean up after you finish to keep the beach beautiful for all.

Suggestions of things to bring:

  • Towels
  • Tikki Torches (for added ambiance)
  • Flash lights
  • cooler
  • ice
  • beer, wine, something to drink!
  • snacks
  • Have a BBQ! bring a portable charcoal grill
  • Speakers and iPod
  • cards
  • beach chairs
  • smore supplies- marshmallows, graham crackers, heresy’s chocolate
  • possibly a blanket if it gets cool

My friends and I recently had a beach bonfire an BBQ under the beautiful stars.  I am ordering a new camera so photos will improve, but here is a shot from my weekend:

If you try out a bonfire one evening to soak in the fresh island night breeze with friends please let me know!  Stay safe

What are your Island Digits?

Let’s face it, one of the first things you plan before you head to an island vacation is a pedicure and sometimes a manicure….why?? Because your toes are always out on display and they can’t be looking like they have been in winter boots for 6 months!

Well when you live on an island a pedicure that is kept up to snuff is a year around thing…..this can be tedious, but just think of all the fun colours you can wear?  One plus plus about living on an island is that you can wear summery colours all the time and if you mix in a little of the trendy greys or berries it doesn’t matter.  Fr the most part all colours are a go in an island lifestyle.

I have picked out some fun OPI colours with a little bit of island inspiration, I hope you enjoy and maybe try on a new shiny lacquer yourself.

The Colours:

OPI: Go on Green (from OPI Brights Collection)

OPI: That’s Hot Pink

My Address is Hollywood

OPI: Grape…Set… March (Serena Williams Collection for OPI)

OPI: San Tan-Tonio

Opi Austin-Tatious Turquoise

Opi I eat Mainely Lobster

So I hope you have gathered some new inspiration to paint your tootsies, or have found a new colour that you may want to try out!  Let me know what colour you like to paint your nails before you take them for a dip in the ocean, or your Uggs (for you girlies going into winter)

Hot Item: Blu Moon Free Love Dress

This dress is a beautiful addition to any island, or any wardrobe for that matter.  Why perfect for island wear do you ask:

  • Light, flowing fabric
  • Easily styled (pop on different belts, dress up with accessories or down with a tank under)
  • It is hand washable! 100% rayon will not get attached by mold or damp air! No overly expensive island dry cleaning bills here.
  • Comes in multiple colours

This dress is made by Blu Moon.  It is called the Free Love Dress, $187.00USD .  You can find it here on (who ship world wide!!)

More Pictures:

Blu Moon Free Love Dress : Aztec Blue print

Blu Moon : Free Love dress in Purple/Blue floral

Digging up Inspiration from the Sea: Coral Decor

Coral inspired decor has been as much as a staple in island inspired decorating as nautical themes (May be an idea for my next blog entry)…. The print can be bold, or subtle and can range from bright orange to a light peach.  I agree this look can look a little overdone and too busy (like the old island hotel over patterned carpets – because i often wonder who specs those!!), but it can also look, fresh, inviting and totally island chic!

If you want to incorporate the coral print into your decor only put it in 3 areas that are unequal in size, 1 in a bold area, 1 in an accent area and 1 in a hardly seen area (like a little surprise pop!)

1. bold area (such as drapes, club chair, rug, etc)

2. Accent area (accent pillow, throw blanket, art work, table runner, etc)

3. Surprise pop area (book ends, napkin rings, soap dish, candles, etc)

I think that this look is really fresh, and it has proven to be timeless.  I have found some great examples of inspiration for a coral decor that I have added below…..but before you go on a mad dash to scroll – please let me know if you are loving or hating this look in the comments below + if you have a coral inspired room please send my a photo of it so that I can add it to the blog for others to gain inspiration.  

The Inspiration:

Don’t commit to the look and just add a touch with a throw pillow.  The color has been integrated into the room further by making the window seat cushion a coral colour.

This room has committed to the coral decor and has taken the 1,2,3 approach (as described above in my Tips) 1. bold: rug 2. Accent: pillow 3. Surprise pop: china jars in coral print.

Not ready to commit to a living room or a kitchen, but you still love the look?  A bathroom is the perfect place to add a coral look to.

Keeping your eyes open:

Coral pieces can be novelty pieces, and you will not always be able to get everything at once, so don’t expect to complete a coral make over of your room in a weekend!  Keeping a look out for pieces to complete your room adds a bit of fun to the mix.  If you live on an island you will know your limited resource issue already….  It just makes your pieces that much more unique and special if you have to hunt a bit.

Items like, art, serving pieces and china jars are great novelty pieces, sure conversation starters.

Special occasion china can be a great way to add coral pieces.  Things like china and pillows can allow you to change your look on the fly!

These coral sculptures from Pottery Barn (I am not sure if they are still available) are a good example of a piece you can use for your surprise pop!

Who Cares about Colour?

Not a fan of coral (the colour?) but love the sea inspired decor?  Try to look for other popular coral designs and accessories in while and blue.

Tip: Make sure it is not real coral!! Let’s avoid promoting the destruction of the coral reefs

I hope this gave you some inspiration !!

I don’t have all day to wait for you!…..Breathe….

So I am sure most of you have heard the saying “ I am running on island time” or something of the sort.  Well it is no joke, no it really isn’t.  A major part of adjusting to “island life” is learning to accept the following

·         Not all things happen instantly (you may want to read that again and let it settle in)
·         The more you get worked up, the less important of a customer you may become
·         A 5 minute wait is usually 15mins
·         Conversations and greetings are important in some islands, you may have to wait your turn (smile take a breath reflect, 30secs isn’t that long.  Remember when it is your time to be served Step 1. Smile, Step 2 Great, Step 3 explain what you want/need/etc.
·         Don’t get impatient if your new island friend doesn’t meet you at exactly 8:23pm
·         Learn to become more patient, relax, slow down and don’t hold your brow tight – it only leads to wrinkles and headaches.

No, I am not saying at all that islanders don’t get anything done, don’t get me wrong at all! I feel islanders are quite efficient people, extremely innovative and have the ability to create great things off of the sometimes limited resources given.
What I am saying is: they are not caught up in the big city “ I want everything now and instantly”  thing – Get over it!

Once you learn to unwind, breath and accept the reduced stress lifestyle you may actually like it.  Living with less stress and not getting all wound up because your latte took 1:05 minutes to make instead of your old Starbucks barista’s :49sec is not worth it at all!  Waiting 10 minutes because your friend is a tad late isn’t that big of a deal (yes, that is a tad late, and; technically according to most of my island friends- within 15mins of the scheduled meet time is still “ON TIME”) take these moments in life to message an old city or college friend, take in the beautiful scenery, sit down and think through your day, or do nothing.

Learning not to get so worked up, as you can get in a city environment, is a real asset and will help you a lot in adjusting to island living:  it will reduce your wrinkle cream bill, avoid headaches, and lead to a healthier mental state.

Remember to breath and smile.  Remember: a few minutes will not kill you.

Mold on my Designer Silk! No, Thanks

Mold is one of those disgusting things that ruins your beautiful city chic silks and leathers!  You come to an island you have visions of the sea breeze flowing through your hair while you walk down a gorgeous sunset lit beach in a sheer multi coloured silk dress that you snagged at the end of summer sale at Barney’s or Holt Renfrew.   Great vision right???

All accept one thing….where on earth are you going to store that beautiful designer silk dress? Not in your island closet! Not unless you want to add some more patterns to it in the way of mold *sneeze*

If you don’t have a centralized, humid air free home, then you will need to take some extra care in storing your fashions that are wool, silk or leather.


My trick is sowing 100% cotton bags with drawstrings and storing each pair of shoes in a bag.  Insure that you take your shoes out every few months for a once over and dust off any mold spores as needed.

 Silk/ Leather/Wool garments:

Get a oversized button up cotton shirt and place it on top of your dress/jacket/top on a hanger (so basically you layer the two garments on the hanger- button up cotton shirt on top)

Fight Humidity:

You can also purchase Damp Rid buckets in a home improvement store, or sometimes even the grocery store.  These buckets have little pebbles in them that attract and trap moisture that is in the air.  If you place a few of these in your closet it helps a little in the battle of mold.

A dehumidifier is also a great unit to keep in your closet (if it is big enough) Remember to empty the buckets of water it collects!!!

There is no 100% way to avoid moldy situations on an island, it is a dark side of island living.  I have taken back quite a few of my silk garments to Toronto as the fabric was just being destroyed a bit.  I find the finer the silk, to less you should have it on an island.  The less expensive man made silks (especially ones that have hand wash on the label) do pretty good in the humid weather with the old cotton shirt over the top storage.

Swimwear is Island Couture!

So yes we don’t have the latest fashion releases, and we can’t take advantage of the fall trends (military jackets, boots, plush scarfs) but we do have bathing suits! These little cloths of fabric that really only cover a bit are what we island girls can really get into!

being barely clothed is something that you have to get used to on the shores of rocks near and far…so I had to pick up a South beach diet book when I arrived in “paradise” as not to offend any onlooking eyes.

It is September in 2011 and do I have news for you! The 2012 Swim suit season has begun previewing designs for pre order! Talk about being ahead of the game.  I can tell you from a swimsuit collector (yes I have a drawer dedicated to these stringy things) that the good designs go fast and the designer swimwear lines DON’T create more……usually when they are sold out, they are sold out!

2012 Swim Suit Preview:

From Lady Lux (available at They ship internationally!!

Pull Me Close Swimsuit (separates)

88.00USD for the Triangle Top

90.00 USD for the bottoms

Sweet Bliss Swimsuit

94.00 USD Triangle Top

98.00 USD for the Bottoms

Starry Eyed Swimsuit

104.00 USD Halter Top

108.00 USD for the bottoms

Check out more from Lady Luxe here

From Aguaclara (available at They ship internationally!!

Mar De Cristal Swim suit

73.00 USD for the Top

77.00 USD for the bottoms

Mar De Cristal One Piece

180.00 USD